Remove Duplicates from Sorted List

Given a sorted linked list, delete all duplicates such that each element appear only once.

For example,
 Given 1->1->2, return 1->2.
 Given 1->1->2->3->3, return 1->2->3.
public class Solution {
    public ListNode deleteDuplicates(ListNode head) {
        if (head == null)
            return head; 
        if ( == null) 
            return head; 
        ListNode cur = head; 
        while( != null) {
            ListNode afterCur =;
            if (cur.val == {
                //if the val of next node = the val of current node:
                //reset the next of the current node
            } else if (cur.val != {
                cur = afterCur; 
        return head;

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