Insertion Sort List

Sort a linked list using insertion sort.

public class Solution {
    public ListNode insertionSortList(ListNode head) {
        ListNode header = new ListNode (0); 

        //Pointer of LinkedList started with head   (List1)
        ListNode cur1 = head; 
        //Pointer of LinkedList started with header (List2)
        ListNode cur2 = null; 
        //The next ListNode of cur1 
        ListNode curNext = null;
         * Take ListNode out of List1, and put it in List2 
        while (cur1!=null) {
            curNext =;
            cur2 = header; 
            while ( != null) {
                //Compare cur1.val with the the value of the
                if (cur1.val >= {
                    cur2 =; 
                } else 
   = cur1;
            cur1 = curNext; 

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